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We're looking for great items to consign in upcoming auctions! 

Titletown Auction Company Consignment Info:

Items we love:

  • Collectable Coins / Currency
  • Video games / systems
  • New items
  • Vintage Collectible Toys
  • Tools (in good working condition)
  • Gold / Silver Jewelry
  • Bulk Costume Jewelry
  • Bulk Sports / Trading Cards (some exceptions for sorted individual cards)
  • Commercial / Professional equipment / items
  • Small Household Applainces in Good, Clean, Working Condition
  • We try to make each lot a $10 minimum retail / second hand value. 

Items we don’t accept:

  • Used Clothing (exceptions for special clothing items)
  • Couches or sofas (some exceptions)
  • Most particle board furniture (some exceptions)
  • Items broken beyond repair
  • Baby cribs, car seats, etc.
  • Furniture that is heavily soiled, stained, or odorous
  • Tube or projection TV’s
  • Items that are illegal to sell / possess
  • Items with little to no resale value
  • Dollar store items, garage sale leftovers or low-value home décor
  • Mismatched glassware / dishes
  • Toys (New, Unopened, or Collectible Toys are okay)
  • Used Gas Cans / Oil Pans, etc (New is okay. Vintage are also okay if completely emptied, cleaned, and dry)
  • Counterfeit, Unauthorized Reprint, Bootleg, and most "replica" items (some rare exceptions)


- Please ensure that items arrive reasonably clean and ready for auction.

- Please make sure to group your multiple item lots together in boxes or tubs.

- Drop offs preferred Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday by appointment. Call (920) 632-4125 to schedule a drop off time.

No up front charges to sell! Your listing fees and commission will be deducted after the auction ends.

Pay out checks will be available within 30 days following the auction close. Checks can be picked up at our office or mailed to your verified mailing address.


Sellers: In order to better serve you, get better info to our buyers and streamline the cataloging process, all items/lots will be required to have a standard size Sticky Note attached.

- Please provide us with some brief info on the item or lot that you are selling.

- Title: What is it? (Brand, age, material, etc).

- Additional Brief Info: Does it work? Item History? Any Damage?


- Please ensure the Sticky Note stays attached to the item or box by securing with additional tape or placed in a Ziplock bag with the item.

- When using tape to secure note to item, masking tape is preferred so as not to damage any sensitive surfaces (Paper, wood, etc).

- We reserve the right to modify to add to your title or description and combine lots of at our discretion.

- Preferably, you will write out and attach your notes at home before coming in for drop off to ensure an efficient drop off process.

- Thank you for your cooperation!

- Questions? Give us a call at (920) 632-4125 or email at


Once items are uploaded for auction, they cannot be removed. All sale prices are final.

Items that do not sell must be picked up within 7 days or they will be considered abandoned. We may charge a disposal fee for abandoned items on a case to case basis. 

PLEASE contact us for more info or to schedule a drop-off time.

*Items subject to approval before being accepted for auction at auctioneer’s sole discretion.